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Come along with us on a unique tour to the Dharavi Slums of Mumbai. Travel that’s offbeat and full of experience. Although known to be Asia’s Largest Slum, the area is actually a hub to many small-scale industries like recycling, embroidery, bakery, pottery-making, soap factory, leather tanning and many more. Fascinatingly spread of over 2.1 square kilometers with a whopping population of about 700,000 housed in it, is located right at the heart of the city, Mumbai. The tour is an absolutely eye-opening experience to learn the life of people living here and their spirit of survival in the narrow lanes of the cramped slums. A great learning experience and a chance to see the other side of the city that has been thriving for years.

Itinerary –

  • Experience life in the Slums of Dharavi as we pick you up from your hotel and head straight to our destination. 
  • On reaching Dharavi we walk you through the entire tour through the narrow lanes to witness life out there and how businesses with limited resources have been flourishing. 
  • You can spend some time meeting the kids and local people out there and probably hear some tales about their life and business.
  • You will learn a lot of interesting facts about this place from your guide and the locals. With a tour, there surely isn’t a single dull moment.
  • Dharavi is a classic example of how the community works together and lives together with happy smiling faces.

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