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We are a reputed tour company that specializes in curating unique, exciting tours for travellers From Around The World.We curate the most distinguished and off beat tours for our travellers to experience the vibrance of India & World through an insider’s lens. A place where new stories and experiences are shared and local insider information’s are gained. Our company holds an unrivalled legacy of creating fun, memorable and inspiring tours with experienced and handpicked guides to educate you about the city, its people, the culture and lifestyle. We are a company renowned for creating authentic experiences for discerning travellers from around the world.


Passport Lifestyles is the brainchild of Sufiyan Mansuri and Narendra Chettiar. Coming from diverse backgrounds and bringing on board, decades of experience, expertise and vast professional networks, Sufiyan and Narendra transform tours into fabulous experiential travels. They are professionals specialized in crafting exquisite travel experiences that are fun, engaging, informative, and memorable for travellers. Sharing the same passion and enthusiasm for travel & tourism, is what really got them onto creating Passport Lifestyle. 

Sufiyan Mansuri

Born and raised in Mumbai, has got experience of over 10 years in The Trade in India and has always been an avid traveller. He has travelled to more than 40 cities and 25 countries as a tour manager. He also holds a certified and licensed guide of Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation.

Narendra Chettiar

He also born and raised in the city of Mumbai. He too holds a vast experience in the industry of Travel & Tourism. Narendra has been active in the industry for over 8 years and has worked for a number of reputed companies in Mumbai. He has the experience, knowledge and skills of event handling VIP guests for tours and travels.

Sufiyan & Narendra have travelled extensively and know how to get the best value for your time and money. Thanks to their experience and networking, they can VIP you to the best of hotels, cruise lines, tours, and more! Together they promise to transform your ordinary trips into an extraordinary one!

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